Working with us

A very simple license in plain language is all that is needed before we hand you the keys. And when you do move out, if you’ve treated the space with reasonable care, just hand the keys back to us – it’s that easy.


Flexible licenses

When it comes to the lease duration, we don’t have to work to set lengths. We can chat and see what works best in the circumstances.


Customise your space

If you want to be involved in the plans and initial designs, you can. We want to make sure that your workspace is just right for your business.


All inclusive costs

Smaller workspaces are leased on an all-inclusive basis, so the monthly license fee includes all occupational costs such as service charges and utilities. This also covers superfast, dedicated and secure broadband. Desks and chairs can also be provided if required.

Larger workspaces can be leased on a more traditional basis of rent, plus a separate service charge, or on an all-inclusive basis to include Wi-Fi and furniture.

Just let us know what best suits your business needs.